Thursday, 28 January 2016

Welcome to 2016

This week the Te Moana JF teachers are busy preparing for the start of the 2016 school year. We are looking forward to an exciting and busy year. We will see some of you on Tuesday at the Team Up interviews, and the rest of you we will see on Wednesday looking all polished and ready for learning (and socialising).

Monday, 2 November 2015

Picture prompt story

the Rugby World Cup 2015

‘Newcastle Upon Tyne’

Mac started to process these words in his mind. He could imagine it as a news headline...

New Castle Upon Tyne! Read All About It!

It sounded ridiculous! He had been put in the “Teacher guided” group of his class, the lowest of the low. All people in the group worked by an important-looking timetable. They were doing writing first, and all of them were given a “picture prompt” to write about. Mac sat at his desk for a while, and started to think. “What can I do with this?” Suddenly, he had a magnificent brainwave. “What if I write about trying to write about this picture?” He exclaimed to himself. He put the words down. ‘Newcastle upon Tyne.’ He skipped a line, and then put down the words ‘Mac started to process these words in his mind.’ It was all coming together now!

Wait a minute…
If this is about Mac trying to write a story, then that means…

Oh. Right.

*Walks away sheepishly*

Now, let’s look at this picture. Hmm…
It looks likes the Sydney Harbour bridge! Now, this was the bridge in the town where this year’s Rugby World Cup was held. Man, that’s a tough sentence to type.

*Repeats sentence to himself a few times*

Seriously, That was tough to type. Now, am I supposed to start writing about this picture now? What? I’ve already been through a page and a half? Impossible! Let me see!

*Looks at screen for a few minutes or so*

Cool! I have!

*Walks away*

What do you mean, I’m not done yet? I’ve got to fill in HOW many hours? FOUR HOURS? That’s it, I QUIT! See ya never, losers! I’m off to win the lottery. WOO-HOO!

*Uses a stick of C4 to blow a hole through the wall*

Well, now we need a new writer…
Perhaps I could help?
Ok! You're hired!
Cool! Now what?
Just write about the picture!

*Looks at picture for a few hours*

Got anything?

*Walks outside in a huff*

So… now what?
The End?


By Mac

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Room 10 Camp Reflection

At camp we learnt new things about ourselves.

  • I’m not afraid of horses
  • I’m awesome
  • I can still do stuff when I don’t want to
  • I can have a lot of fun even if I’m away from my family for some time
  • I love staying at camps
  • I’m good at being kind to people
  • I can push my limits further
  • I can take a 6km walk and go to camp without my parents
  • I can walk really long walks
  • I made a good choice of friends
  • I’m not a big scaredy cat

We achieved some great goals:
  • Sleeping in a room with most of my friends and surviving
  • I had fun and got some sleep
  • Being more social and being less shy
  • I got a bulls eye in archery
  • Walking the longest walk ever
  • To care about other people
  • Being brave and not giving up
  • Made new friends with people I didn’t know before
  • Doing archery and making new friends
  • I shot my first bow and arrow
  • Sleeping in a cabin with a group of people and trying all the activities
  • I learnt how to do archery
  • I shot an air rifle
  • To finish my first camp
  • Working away from my sister for four days in a row
  • To sleep in a cabin with other people
  • Hit the bullseye in archery and I led a horse
  • I did a front handspring, did archery, and I led a horse
  • I went to camp
  • Sleeping away from home
  • I made new friends

And summed camp up like this:
  • Camp was fun and weird
  • Nice food, horses, low ropes
  • Fitness, dining, activities, walk, mucky
  • Horrible mash-potato, awesome activities, funny friends
  • Really, really fun
  • Fun, food, exciting, social
  • Awesome
  • Exciting, boring, fun, first time
  • Adventurous, fun, food
  • It was really awesome
  • Really awesome, super duper cool
  • Fun, food, water slide, activities, cabins
  • Fun, food, sleep, activities, cabin
  • Cool, mean, ok
  • The best thing ever!
  • It was fun and challenging
  • Fun and tiring
  • Fun activities with my friends

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Camp day 4 - final day

On our last day we had to do lots of cleaning. Then we made our lunches and headed off to Nga Manu.


Cool sculpture

Mr P tried to feed the swan - it didn't comply!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Camp day 3

Mr P's famous quiz time

We tried our best. 

Ms F's night line selfie. 

Interesting menu!

I wonder if it's a magic circle? And is that a unicorn?

Preparing for the slip-n-slide.